Summer Market Vendors

Vendor NameCategoryWhen
3in1 RestaurantReady to Eat1st & 3rd Saturdays
Amelia's BakeryBreads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
ARPOPets, Plants & Flowers2nd & 4th Saturdays
Artisano's Oils and SpicesPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Azalia Farm MarketFruits and VegetablesEvery Saturday
Batch No. 2Prepared Foods2nd & 4th Saturdays
Bettini PastaPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Bloomer's GreenhousePets, Plants & Flowers/Fruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
BooYah! ShrubsPrepared Food1st & 3rd Saturdays
Burton's Maplewood FarmPrepared Food4th Saturdays
Byrne's PizzaReady to EatEvery Saturday
Caprini Creamery Goat CheeseDairy & CheeseEvery Saturday
Circle City KombuchaReady to EatEvery Saturday
Circle City SmokePrepared Foods1st & 3rd Saturdays
Circle City SweetsBreads & Baked Goods/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Circle City SoupsPrepared FoodEvery Saturday
Compean & SonFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
The Daily BlossomPets, Plants & FlowersEvery Saturday
Dickinson's Custom WoodworkingFood RelatedEvery Saturday
Earthly DelightsFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Farm to ProductPrepared FoodEvery Saturday
Fields Farm FreshFruits & Vegetables/Pets, Plants & Flowers/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Freedom Valley FarmFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Full Hand FarmFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Funny Bone FarmFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Groomsville PopcornFruits & Vegetables/Prepared Foods2nd & 4th Saturdays
Guacamole and MorePrepared Food1st & 3rd Saturdays
Harvest Moon Flower FarmPets, Plants & FlowersEvery Saturday
Hickory Valley Farms, LLCPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Hidden Pond Farm, LLCPrepared Foods1st & 3rd Saturdays
Hole PotteryFood RelatedEvery Saturday
Home Ec PreservesPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Hubbard & Cravens Coffee & TeaReady to Eat/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
JP Parker FlowersPets, Plants & FlowersEvery Saturday
La Chinita PoblanaReady to EatEvery Saturday
Lee's OrchardFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Les Parisiens PatisseriesBreads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
Lick Ice CreamReady to Eat/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Maplewood Farms, LCCPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Me and Dippy McGeePrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
My Dad's Sweet CornFruits & VegetablesWill begin in late June
Native BreadBreads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
Natural Born JuicersPrepared Foods/Ready to EatEvery Saturday
Nicey TreatReady to EatEvery Saturday
Norman Mullet FarmFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
NuJac GardenFruits & Vegetables, Prepared FoodEvery Saturday
Old Major MarketPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Pat's Philly PretzelsReady to EatEvery Saturday
Pet Wants IndyPets, Plants, & Flowers1st and 3rd Saturdays
Pete's Peaches & Ann's AsparagusFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Phelps Family FarmMeat, Fish, Poultry, & EggsEvery Saturday
Phelps Family FarmPets, Plants, & FlowersEvery Saturday
Pots & PansBreads & Baked Goods/Pets, Plants & FlowersEvery Saturday
Primal Delights, LLCPrepared Foods2nd & 4th Saturdays
Red Frazier Bison RanchMeat, Fish, Poultry, & Eggs2nd Saturdays
Rene's Bakery Inc.Breads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Lamb & PorkMeat, Fish, Poultry, & EggsEvery Saturday
Schacht FarmMeat, Fish, Poultry, & EggsEvery Saturday
Shamrock FarmFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Sliverthorn FarmFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Simple TasteBreads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
Simpson's Family FarmMeat, Fish, Poultry & EggsEvery Saturday
Sitka Salmon SharesMeat, Fish, Poultry & EggsOccasional
Skillington Farms, Inc.Ready to Eat/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Taste Café & MarketplaceReady to Eat/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Three Dog BakeryPets, Plants & FlowersEvery Saturday
Trailhead NaturalsPrepared Foods1st and 3rd Saturdays
Tulip Tree CreameryDairy & CheeseEvery Saturday
Turchetti's SalumeriaPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
The Walking Waffle CompanyReady to Eat
Every Saturday
Weathered Plow Farm & GreenhousesFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Wild Alaska Salmon & SeafoodMeat, Fish, Poultry, & Eggs2nd & 4th Saturdays
Wild's Apple FarmFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Wildflower Ridge Honey, LLCPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Xchocol'Art Gourmet ChocolatePrepared FoodsEvery Saturday