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Food Focus: So Very Strawberry

Strawberry season has begun. Sweet juicy berries are so very good when they are fresh and in-season, and now is the perfect time to take pleasure in this annual gift of nature. Strawberry Salad with [...]

Food Focus: It’s Strawberry Season!

With strawberries at the peak of their season, you might be looking for some new ways to use them. There’s nothing wrong with a good strawberry short-cake, but these recipes are a little bit out of [...]

Food Focus: Simply Strawberry!

Strawberry season is here. It won't last forever, so you want to buy them and eat them now while they are ripe and fresh and at their finest! Perhaps you're a little jaded though with [...]

Focus On: Strawberry Shortcake!

Nothing says early summer like fresh strawberries; and nothing showcases strawberries better than a strawberry shortcake -- unless it is a trio of "shortcake" desserts that take the beloved American classic to a whole new [...]

Market Meals: Easy Strawberries

When strawberries are in season locally, the best way to enjoy them is also the easiest. Make these simple mascerated strawberries and eat them on just about everything! Mascerated Strawberries Ingredients: 1 quart of fresh [...]

Food Focus: Remarkable Rhubarb!

I recently read a very interesting article about rhubarb in Tasting Table, and surprisingly, I learned quite a bit. I’ve been eating it and loving it all my life, but here are four things I [...]

Food Focus: A Perfect Picnic!

The hot muggy weather has kicked in, and summer officially starts Saturday. Time to get outdoors and enjoy a good old-fashioned picnic!  Think cool and refreshing with lots of fresh local foods to fuel your [...]

Food Focus: Starring — Strawberries!

Strawberry season has arrived in central Indiana. The Market was bursting with the beautiful red berries last week and the season has not peaked yet. Now is the time to satisfy your craving for sweet, [...]

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