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  • Melon bowl recipe

Meals from the Market: Mmmm — Melons

The cantaloupes at the Market last week smelled heavenly and made me hungry for some sweet melony flavors. This delicious pasta salad satisfies that craving. Not only does it have that melony goodness, it also [...]

Meals from the Market: Made with Melons

One of the most refreshing things you can have on a hot day is some cool melon. Now add to that delicious cheese, tasty tomato, and fresh basil, and you’ve made something truly special! Tomato, [...]

Food Focus: Marvelous Melon Magic

With watermelon in season and other melons and fruits available at the Market, this is the perfect time of the year to indulge in some refreshing and super easy salads that will thrill your tastebuds! [...]

Food Focus: Wonderful Watermelon!

Nothing I know is as refreshing as a chilled watermelon. And you can add that refreshing sweet deliciousness to these tasty dishes with other good things from the Market! This weekend we’ll be celebrating Labor [...]

Food Focus: Melon Medley!

Cantaloupes and watermelons have made their annual summer appearance at the Market just in time to provide welcome refreshment during these hot and humid summer days! Lick Ice Cream even had a delicious Cantaloupe Mint [...]

Food Focus: Melon Mania!

From yellow watermelons, to sugar babies, to cantaloupes and more, Indiana melons are sweet and juicy — the best around! Of course you can just cut off a slice and eat them as they are, [...]

Focus On: Marvelous Melons!

One of the best things about summer is biting into a wedge of fresh, cold, melon! Nothing else is so refreshing or clean tasting, and lightly sweet too! The following is a great recipe for [...]

  • three big bulbs of celery root with greens

This Saturday, Oct. 5

Turnips, baby Brussels sprouts, Jimmy Nardello peppers, watermelon radishes, celeriac, and poblanos were new last week. New apple varieties included Fuji, Jonathan, and Sir Prize. And Nujac Garden had beautiful pears. My Dad’s Sweet Corn [...]

  • round Italian eggplants

This Saturday, Sept. 14

Pumpkins, bok choy, rainbow carrots, Rosa Bianca eggplant, Honey Crisp apples, and green grapes were new last week. Expect to see more leeks, kale, broccoli, beans, radishes, and apples in the coming weeks. And there is [...]

This Saturday, Sept. 7

Plums were new last week plus more hot peppers, pickling cucumbers, and acorn squash than we’ve seen previously.  Also, Earligold and Arlet apples were new. Expect to see plenty of produce including tomatoes, zucchini, corn, green beans, [...]

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