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Focus On: Preserving Made Easy!

by Elizabeth Crist Darby, BRFM Volunteer Coordinator Lately, I’ve seen a ton of articles about canning. I’m really torn on this subject. On the one hand, I love the idea of stocking my basement with [...]

  • Azalia Okra

This Saturday, Aug. 17

Okra, shiso (for summer rolls & sushi), Asian pears, lemon cucumbers, ground cherries, nectarines, and several different varieties of apples were all new last week. Expect to see plenty of all the peak summer produce, including [...]

Food Focus: Jammin’ — With Tomatoes

September is prime time for preserving summer’s bounty. I’ve never been ambitious enough to try canning, but this simple little recipe for an intensely tomato-ey jam is an easy way to keep a taste of [...]

Focus On: Freezing Fresh Produce!

Corn season is winding down. There are still plenty of tomatoes, but with pumpkins and winter squash coming on, one wonders how many more weeks of summer produce we can have. My great grandma canned [...]