Sydney slinging hot bacon egg & cheese galettes at Pots & Pans.

With temperatures trending downwards, breakfast and beverage offerings at the Market are starting to heat up! And fall flavors are everywhere!

Last week La Chinita Poblana had yellow curry butternut squash soup and hot mulled apple cider with ginger and orange. They will have hot soup and cider for the rest of the season.

Pots & Pans started serving a hot bacon & egg breakfast galette along with their fall lineup of pies.

Xchocol’Art plans to start bringing hot chocolate to the Market this week. I remember it from last year, and it was delicious!

Hubbard & Cravens always has hot coffees, but try their pumpkin pie latte next Saturday and through November.

Not all fall flavors are hot.  Lick Ice Cream introduced Apple Butter & Fall Spice, along with their Concord Grape, S’mores, and pumpkin ice cream bars. And Nicey Treat will bring their new motorcycle cart with some new fall flavors they’ve been working on.

Artisano’s Oils & Spices was sampling Red Apple Balsamic vinegar. Home Ec was definitely channeling fall with Ginger Pear jam, Bourbon Paw Paw jam, Maple Apple Butter, and Spicy Yellow Tomato jam. And we saw pumpkin bread at Fields Farm Fresh Produce.

Of course we always have hot breakfast offerings from Taste Café & Marketplace (stratas and more), Skillington Farms (sandwiches and wraps), La Chinita Poblana (tacos), Byrne’s Grilled Pizza (pizza slices), and Old Major Market (biscuits and gravy). And don’t forget all the fresh pastries at Renee’s Bakery, Circle City Sweets, and Pastries Chefs. Makes me hungry just talking about them!